The Baby-Sitters Club’s Kristy (Sophie Grace): How I Became an Actress!

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Sophie Grace stars as Kristy in Netflix’s smash hit, The Baby-Sitters Club. But believe it or not, prior to landing the life-changing role, she had only acted in one professional television project!

In this exclusive, YSBnow’s Natasha catches up virtually with Sophie to talk about her journey from aspiring actress to Netflix star. “I would put on shows for my family and trying to have something to do with being a rock star or movie star,” she says. “But I took my first real acting classes when I was about nine or ten years old.”

Sophie also spills on what she was like as a little girl growing up in a big family in Florida. She describes herself as outgoing and bold and reveals some interesting fashion choices! “If my mom tried to set out an outfit for me, I would be like, ‘No, I’m not wearing that,'” she says. “And then I would pick out the wackiest outfit possible! I’d wear bathing suits as shirts, skirts as shirts!”

All episodes from Season 1 of #TheBabysittersClub are now streaming on Netflix and we’re crossing our fingers for a Season 2!

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