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About Us

YSBnow is a celebrity-driven digital media platform that empowers and inspires Gen Z girls (13-18) with one resounding theme:

No gossip, clickbait, or drama: YSBnow prides itself on positivity, kindness, and confidence. Launched in October 2015, YSBnow’s exclusive, uplifting video and editorial content attracts and inspires young women to celebrate the unique qualities that make them beautiful, both inside and out.

YSBnow was conceived and developed by a group of editors from leading teen publications, a global team of technologists with many years of experience building state-of-the-art big data and analytic systems, and an award winning television/film producer. Its cutting edge content management system and interactive digital media platform offers everything girls love, from high-concept photo shoots to inspirational interviews to fun quizzes and hilarious moments – all in real time, and more importantly, in a positive and wholesome way.


Executive Team:

Steve Yatko, Founder and CEO

Colleen Broomall, Founder and Chief Editor

Editorial Team:

Natasha Dye, MVP

Julianna Garofalo, Video Producer

Kristine Kowalski, Lifestyle & Music Editor


Steve Yatko, Head of Technology

Nachi Muthu, Head of Product Development

Rajeev Kuppadakath, Chief Architect

Program Management:

Paul Gallico, Head of Program Management

Head of Operations 

Janine Yatko, Founder and Head Business Analyst

Executive Advisory Board:

Sheri Baron, Senior Executive Advisor

Patrick Hanlon, Senior Executive Advisor

Jennifer Pearlman, Founder and Senior Executive Advisor

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