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Carson Lueders Isn’t a Teenager Anymore


Carson Lueders Isn’t a Teenager Anymore

It feels like just yesterday that our reporter, Natasha Dye, stopped by Planet Hollywood in New York City to meet a pint-sized Carson after his 2013 appearance on The View.

Immediately, Carson and his mom felt like friends to us. And over time, they became more like family! During our tenure at Popstar magazine, we loved interviewing him on red carpets and getting updates, like when the Lueders fam welcomed a new litter of puppies into the world.

As Carson’s fandom and social media following grew, the Spokane native stayed sweet and down-to-earth, and we’ve always believed in his talents. And in 2015, when Natasha and I resigned from Popstar in order to start YSBnow, Carson believed in ours. He may have had millions of followers compared to YSBnow’s zero, but he always supported us – and our silly improvised video ideas, like this one:

Carson starred in not one, but two cover shoots, and shared his incredible journey:

It’s been so much cool to witness his evolution from an adorable kid to a mature artist:

And amazing uncle!

Happy 20th birthday to not only one of our favorite stars, but also one of our favorite people. Sorry we couldn’t throw you a surprise party this time around, Carson. But there’s always next year!

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