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Pop Phenom Kelianne Spills on Her Debut Single & Music Video, “Boys”


Pop Phenom Kelianne Spills on Her Debut Single & Music Video, “Boys”

Over 10 million followers first discovered Kelianne through her daily videos on TikTok, but the California native is now showcasing another one of her passions: pop music. Last month, Kelianne dropped her bop of a debut single, “Boys,” and she’s got a ton of new music on the way. “I think creating content is really fun and my day-to-day kind of stuff,” she tells us. “But creating music is more getting in touch with my inner self and sharing and telling my stories.”

And people are listening. “I’ve learned that other people can relate to me and how I feel,” says Kelianne. “Being able to express myself in that way, I’ve definitely learned a lot.” In addition to upcoming music that reveals a more vulnerable side of herself, and planning her wedding with fiancé, Chase Mattson, Kelianne’s also excited to start performing live shows. “I would love to go on tour,” she says. “I’m definitely very excited to pursue that part of music making.”

Whether she’s making music, wedding plans, or TikToks, Kelianne is the kind of person who always wants to be there – for her friends, family, fans, and followers. However, her foray into music has taught her how important it is to be there for yourself, too. “[I’d] make sure everyone else is okay before I’m okay; that’s just always how I’ve been,” she says. “Remember that you are also important. If you’re not okay, then you can’t help other people be okay.”

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Photo by Joyce Charat

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