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EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Grace Drops Her Debut Single, “Open Your Mind”

Caroline Grace


EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Grace Drops Her Debut Single, “Open Your Mind”

14-year-old Caroline Grace might not be old enough to vote on November 3, but her debut single, “Open Your Mind,” reminds us that we all have a voice – and the power to make a difference. “I was inspired to write this song when COVID-19 hit the United States and I started seeing it dividing groups of people,” she tells us. “Instead of trying to come together to work on this problem that affected all of us, there was a lot of blame and judgement. And then when the attention shifted to racism, I saw even more division, which continued with Pride month in June.”

The message behind the song is simple – and exactly what the world needs to hear right now. “Accept other people for who they are, come together, and make a change,” she says. “Instead of bringing others down, we need to come together and raise each other up.” We couldn’t agree more! If this is the very first song we’re hearing from Ohio’s Caroline Grace, we can’t wait to hear what else she has to share!

Watch the “Open Your Mind” music video below:


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