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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsey Lomis Visits the YSBnow Podcast


EXCLUSIVE: Lindsey Lomis Visits the YSBnow Podcast

Lindsey Lomis may not have been born into a family of musicians, but as a kid growing up in Nashville, she was certainly surrounded by them. “Music wasn’t this obscure career,” she says. “I used to swing on my swingset and write really, really terrible songs!”

However, after picking up a guitar at the age of ten, she started taking songwriting more seriously. And for Lindsey, she didn’t release her first song, “If Only,” with dreams of going viral or getting discovered; she was inspired by a book. “For a school project, we had to create movies representing the book,” she explains. “It was a really intense story about this girl whose mom was diagnosed with cancer and how she deals with it. I wrote the song from the girl’s perspective and put it in my report.”

But “If Only” had an impact far beyond Lindsey’s classroom. “I had the experience of getting to perform it for cancer survivors and people who had friends and family affected by cancer,” she shares. “It was really my first experience in how songwriting can affect people and impact their lives. I think learning that at a young age really, really caused me to not be able to stop. I had to keep doing it.”

And so she did: Summer band camps and singing lessons paved the way for gigging opportunities across Nashville, and soon enough, created a buzz in the local scene. It wasn’t long before major labels took notice and this year, Lindsey signed a record deal with Warner Music. “Now it really is officially a career, which is crazy,” she says. “But it will definitely always feel like a passion for me.”

That passion shines through in every one of Lindsey’s songs, including her latest single, “Bones,” which confronts a liar attempting to manipulate her. “In the end, they’ve dug their own grave, where they ‘lie’ alone,” she says. “It’s about standing up for yourself and I hope people feel empowered from it.”

Lindsey wants you to feel empowered and to find your voice without comparing yourself to others, especially on social media. “I need to take that advice still, honestly,” she laughs. “But I think it’s important to find your own voice in the world. People want to hear what you have to say!”

And it doesn’t matter if you have 30 followers or 30,000 followers. “I think all that really matters is that you’re releasing something that you’re proud of and affecting people,” she says. We have a feeling that Lindsey’s music will be affecting millions of people very soon.

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