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EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Meet Singer/Songwriter poutyface


EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Meet Singer/Songwriter poutyface

At just 18 years old, the California native has already written over 150 songs!

At just 18 years old, the California native has already written over 150 songs!

At YSBnow, we love shining a light on up-and-coming artists, and today we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter poutyface. Get to know her now!


Q: How old were you when you discovered your passion for music?

A: I think I’ve always felt music so deeply. I’m really sensitive, but I say that totally shamelessly. Way before I even considered making music myself, my mom would play Alanis Morisette or Amy Winehouse in the car and we would talk through the lyrics. Watching her sing along to these songs all wide-eyed with her whole being really did something to me. I could tell the music did something to her. I knew I wanted to give that to other people.

Q: Love that! Do you remember when you wrote your first song? 

A: I remember writing poetry since I was really young, but my first real song was when I was 13. It was called “Gravity” and it was a song about anxiety, which was something that honestly ruled my life as a kid, and most of my teenage life. Anyways, the whole song came together in 15 minutes. After that, songwriting naturally became my creative outlet and overall a healthier way for me to cope with my own emotions.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring songwriters?

A: Don’t let ANYONE convince you that it’s “bad” to be sensitive or highly in tune with your emotions. As a songwriter that’s a gift, you have to offer- lean into it! Most importantly, the world needs your art, believe that.

Q: Your song, “Wind Up,” amassed over 1.5 million listens in just two weeks on the Voisey app. Was there a specific moment when you realized, “Oh wow, people like my music!”?

A: It was kind of crazy, actually. So I had just started using the app and at this point, it was still in beta testing. I wasn’t even sure how to use Voisey yet, but I threw up a quick little hook called “Wind Up.” The funny thing is I ALMOST hit delete because I had a little moment of, “Is this even any good? Whatever, I’ve got nothing to lose.” So I uploaded it and a few days later, my manager calls and tells me, ”Voisey used your video for an ad and it’s stacked over a million plays.” I hate playing the whole numbers game, but I can’t lie; it felt pretty validating.”

Q: Congrats on your debut single, “Deathwish.” What’s it about and what inspired it?

A: Thank you! Some people just have Deathwish, you know? It’s on a psycho vibe for sure. I have a real bias for badass females characters, like an Uma Thurman type. I’m pretty soft in real life, so Deathwish was this weird experiment with contrast.”

Q: Well, I’m not gonna lie, the visuals are a little creepy! Would you say they’re pretty representative of your personality, or of another side of yourself that you only show in your music?

A: In real life, I’m a goob, I’m probably the least scary person in the room most of the time. Whatever dimension of myself I tap into totally depends on the sentiment of the song, but I’d say the music I’ve been making lately, “Deathwish” in particular, definitely felt like channeling an alternate version of myself. I’m way more fearless in my music than I might let off in person. Maybe I’m making music from the more badass me in a parallel universe.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: Okay so, I’m a massive believer in the importance of pen game!! All of my biggest inspirations are incredible lyricists, so Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Mereba, to name a few. Oh and Amy Winehouse is my girl for sure. I’m attracted to music with a story, but honestly, I listen to every genre and pull inspiration from every angle. And my taste is constantly changing. Ultimately, great lyrics are the common thread in most of the music I’m inspired by.

Check out her music below and click here to follow her on Instagram!

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