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Meet Teen Fashion Designer Erikka Franklin!


Meet Teen Fashion Designer Erikka Franklin!

Whether she’s designing fanny packs for stars like Kehlani, or working with her non-profit foundation, #MyChocolateDontMelt, Erikka Franklin is definitely one to watch!


At just six years old, Cincinnati native learned how to sew and started designing her own clothes – and she hasn’t looked back since! “I love to put a smile on people’s faces,” she tells us. “I believe when someone puts on one of my creations, they feel absolutely amazing.”

Well, we think Erikka’s pretty amazing, too. Check out our exclusive Q&A!

Q: You said you’ve been sewing since you were 6 – that’s so cool! How did you learn how?

A: I learned how to sew by watching videos, and by my great grandma teaching me. I’ve loved creating ever since.

Q: How did you discover your passion for fashion?

A: I discovered my passion for fashion as soon as my parents allowed me to dress myself. I’ve always loved to experiment with prints and patterns.

Q: When did it turn from a hobby to a career?

A: I decided to turn my passion into a career two or three years ago, when I started my first fashion line: fashion forward. It consists of clothing and a few accessories. A year or two later, I was searching for fanny packs that fit my liking and personality. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any and so I decided to create a custom fanny pack line, fannysofab!

Q: Is there one celebrity you’d love to design a fanny pack for?

A: Definitely Jojo Siwa and Rihanna!

Q: Tell us more about #MyChocolateDontMelt.

A: My Chocolate Don’t Melt is a non-profit organization where we spotlight entrepreneurs, role models, and inspiring young people of color! You can check it out on Instagram @mychocolatedonmelt.

Q: That’s so cool. What else have you been working on?

A: I’m so excited to share that I’ve recently started a custom face mask called facesofab, where you can choose what you would like on your face mask, whether it’s names, logos, rhinestones, etc! I also recently booked an acting job that I can’t wait to share soon! And so much more to come.

Q: With all of your success, have you had to deal with any bullies? 

A: For as long as I can remember, I’ve stayed true to myself and focused on bettering myself as a person. I have experienced bullying, but it has never stopped me from being who I am. The advice I give to everyone is to protect your peace, and be careful who you listen to because not everyone has your best interest at heart. And never allow bad people to stop you from being a good person.

Q: What advice do you have for other girls out there who have a dream?

A: Go for it and don’t give up! Believe that you can do it and never get discouraged or stop believing in yourself.


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