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10 Behind The Scenes Facts You Didn’t Know About “Famous in Love”


10 Behind The Scenes Facts You Didn’t Know About “Famous in Love”

Don’t forget to watch the premiere TOMORROW on Freeform!

By Ally Cron-DeVico 

If you didn’t already know, Famous In Love, our favorite show from our favorite queen (shout out to Ms. Marlene King, you go girl!!), premieres the first episode of season 2 tomorrow at 8pm on Freeform (pssst – you can also watch it on Hulu!).

If you can’t wait to get your FiL fix until tomorrow, well… no one blames you. But, lucky for you, you don’t have to wait. We’ve got the inside scoop into some behind the scenes facts that may just blow your mind.

So sit back, grab a snack, and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes of Famous in Love!

1. According to Pepi on her personal Instagram, “when I booked my role in (Famous in Love), Tangey was 8 months pregnant and ‘missing’”. They ~quite obviously~ nixed that storyline, which is apparently why she isn’t in the pilot! Whaaaaat??

2. Niki and Keith (AKA Alexis and Jordan, AKA would make a super cute couple), did a spread together in Seventeen Magazine Mexico. I mean, look at those two people. How could you NOT ship it?!

3. It takes a lot of creative people to put a good show together, and that includes the magnificent prop department. In the pilot of Famous in Love, Alexis lounges on a pool chair and reads a gossip magazine — this was the magazine:

4. Believe it or not, Charlie DePew (who portrays Jake), was cast just a day before filming started. Talk about a lucky break!

5. When the cast gets together to live tweet episodes, Carter never comes without a date… who is always, without fail, his adorable niece. 


6. Katelyn Tarver, who plays Rachel (one of Alexis’ love interests) is actually married IRL!

7. Vanessa Williams, who portrays Tangie’s mom Ida, had a very special experience this season when her son got to work alongside her! Watch out for him – he’s in season 2! Here they are on set:

8. Bella brings her dogs to set with her all the time — because wouldn’t you if your dog was this cute?

9. It’s well-known on set that Niki is quite the prankster, and her and Charlie have started somewhat of a “scare-war” (evidence below): 

10. Last but not least, for all you PLL fans out there (I see you reading this, you pretty little liar, you), Troian directed an episode of Famous in Love this year! Not only that, but FIL’s own Niki Koss shadowed her! Go female directors, go!

Watch the premiere of season 2 tomorrow night, April 4th, on Freeform!

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