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Watch JoJo Siwa Make History on “Dancing With The Stars”


Watch JoJo Siwa Make History on “Dancing With The Stars”

Add this to the list of reasons to stan JoJo Siwa.

ABC’s Dancing With The Stars premiered its 30th season tonight, but that wasn’t the only milestone for the popular series. JoJo Siwa became the first star to dance in a same-sex couple ever on the show. Dancer Jenna Johnson joined JoJo for the historic moment and will be her partner for the season.

The “Boomerang” singer, 18, who came out as pansexual earlier this year, said that she still wants to figure out who she is in an exclusive interview with People Magazine.

When the internet first learned about JoJo, she was the misunderstood and loud 15-year-old who had to deal with being the butt of viral jokes. Amazingly, she’s never let nay-sayers get to her and that’s why she’s grown into the Gen Z icon she is today. Ms. Siwa has taken her legacy from the most popular children’s role model to LGBTQ+ icon.

Watch JoJo’s historic performance now:

This performance wasn’t just historic, it also received rave reviews from the judges. JoJo and Jenna Johnson debuted at the top of the rankings, bringing in a score of 29. After that, Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee and Broadway actress Amanda Kloots tied for the second highest score with 28.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the internet went crazy for JoJo’s debut. Here are some of the best tweets about her performance of the night.

Check out JoJo’s episode of YSBnow: The Podcast now!

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