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10 Hilariously Relatable Michael Clifford Tweets


10 Hilariously Relatable Michael Clifford Tweets

The man of many hair colors and gut-busting humor.

If you’ve ever heard Michael Clifford speak, it’s clear that the fame went right past his head into outer space. He’s just as genuine selling out arenas with his bandmates now as he was back in 2011, when 5SOS officially formed. Onstage, the guitarist is known as the funnyman who’s always cracking jokes. And his Twitter account is just the same! If you don’t follow him already, here are 10 tweets that will leave you LOL-ing.

1. For the days where caffeine can’t even save you:

2. We’re far too familiar with the texting struggle:

3. Because priorities:

4. Sometimes you just can’t fight your cravings.

5. It’s always good to know your limits:

6. Michael’s Twitter feed is 100% factual:

7. We’ve been saying this for the past five minutes:

8. Because we, too, only lead the healthiest lifestyle:

9. He always knows the perfect thing to say:

10. 20 please!

We love you, Mikey!

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