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10 Hit Songs That Were Written By Other Artists!


10 Hit Songs That Were Written By Other Artists!

We love when our fave singers collaborate!

We love learning different behind-the-scenes facts, so we were super stoked when we found out that some of our fave songs were written by other singers! 

1. Beliebers, did you know Bruno Mars co-wrote his hit, “Love Me”??!

2. Bruno Mars is a busy man! He also co-wrote for The Vamps!

3. One of the most romantic One Direction songs was actually written by the ultimate sweetheart Ed Sheeran!

4. Talk about a party! One of the most iconic Miley Cyrus singles was written by Jessie J.

5. Lea Michele’s debut single was co-written by the talented Sia! (Fun fact: She actually wrote a few songs for Lea’s album!)

6. Shine bright like a diamond! Sia also wrote this smash hit for Rihanna!

7. Harry Styles co-wrote a song with Meghan Trainor, and Michael Buble fell in love with it! Meghan and Michael ended up duetting on the song, which turned into a masterpiece!

8. “Issues” is one of our fave new songs, but did you know that Julia Michaels actually wrote some of our other fave songs?! She co-wrote a bunch of songs for “Austin and Ally”, including the show’s theme song!

9. Julia Michaels even co-wrote Selena Gomez’s 2015 hit, “Good For You”!

10. Ariana Grande’s co-star, Leon Thomas III, is actually credited for co-writing a bunch of her songs!

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