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10 Moments From IRL’s New Music Video We Can’t Get Over


10 Moments From IRL’s New Music Video We Can’t Get Over

(Not that we want to get over them).


In Real Life blessed our ears and our eyes with the release of the music video for their new song “Tattoo (How ‘Bout You)” and we love it so much that we have to talk about it. All of the guys really delivered pop-star moves and served some facial looks that’ll take us a week to get over, and we couldn’t be more proud of them! From the outfits to the locations to the winks, this video is perfect! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at the bottom of the page! 


Here are our top 10 moments from the “Tattoo” music video:

1. Brady slamming the car door. Serving sassy!

2. Chance showing off the natural swag in his moves.

3. BRADY’S WINK AKA the wink that launched a thousand ships (and by “ships” we don’t mean boats, we mean you shipping yourself with Brady).

4. Drew looking cute and rocking that bandana like no one has ever rocked a bandana before!

5. The group shots of them being adorable together are everything!

6. Sergio and Drew serving some major bromance


8. Drew hopping the fence! Bad boy chic!

9. Seeing Sergio just straight-up having the time of his life is enough for us to watch this video one thousand times. The boys are really out here living their best lives!

10. Michael Conor stealing the show during his verse!

Congrats to the guys on an amazing music video! Which part was your favorite? Do you agree with our list? Tweet us @YSBnow!

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