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10 Of Taylor Swift’s Adorably Dorky Moments


10 Of Taylor Swift’s Adorably Dorky Moments

Happy 27th Birthday, T-Swizzle!

Taylor Alison Swift, one of the best selling acts and greatest songwriters of our generation, was born 27 years ago today! Since December 13, 1989, she has graced the world with her musical talent, trend setting fashion and cat-loving/squad-having/award-show-dancing sense of humour.

To commemorate her birthday, here are 10 of T-Swizzle’s most adorably dorky moments.

1. When she was straight up about her obsessions with kittens and “Law and Order”:

2. When she confessed that she used to build popsicle stick houses:

3. When she admitted that she isn’t very good at sports:

4. When she fell asleep on set:

5. When she avoided paparazzi:

6. When she invented “The Bunny Hop” dance:

7. When she talked about her bad eyesight:

8. When she chipped her tooth on stage:

9. When she was afraid of bugs:

10. And, of course, when she was literally us in the morning:

Happy Birthday, Tay!

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