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10 Reasons Jonah Marais is our #MCM


10 Reasons Jonah Marais is our #MCM

See Why The WHY DON’T WE member totally has our heart

If you don’t already love Jonah, you’re about to. The 19-year-old singer has an undeniable voice and a really special connection with his fans. Here are ten reasons to love him.


1. We first noticed Jonah when he covered 1D’s “Night Changes” back in 2015.

2. His tweets are so relatable:

3. He loves his fans:

4. And his mama:

5. He always stays positive:

6. He dresses up nice!

7. His group, WHY DON’T WE shares a brotherly bond that we just adore:

8. He has the most genuine smile:

9. He loves tacos as much as we do:

10. He truly appreciates life:

Did we leave anything off our list? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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