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10 Reasons Simone Biles Is Our Woman Crush Wednesday


10 Reasons Simone Biles Is Our Woman Crush Wednesday

Plus, today is her birthday! See how she’s celebrating.

Simone Biles is, in our opinion, a perfect role model. She embodies everything we’re about here at YSBnow, and we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing why we think she’s so awesome with you. Here are just some of the reasons we can’t get enough of Simone Biles:

It’s no secret that Simone Biles is a hard worker.

Simone’s strength and passion for her sport is beyond inspiring!

She takes time to partner with and support charities she believes in.

Her fans mean a lot to her. Check out this video of Simone meeting a superfan gymnast:

When the judges on “Dancing With The Stars” questioned Simone’s authenticity in her performance, she was able to shut them down by saying, “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals,” and it’s a moment we’ll never forget.

But Simone’s confidence and amazing personality allow her to smile often, because she’s really out here doing what she loves!

Her obsession with Zac Efron is super relatable! We love a celeb with a celeb crush!

Simone supports other women and exhibits sportsmanship in every competition.

She’s a girl power icon!

Here’s how she’s celebrating her bday today:

Happy birthday Simone! We hope your day is full of Zac Efron march, laughs, and people you love!

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