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10 Times Brec Bassinger and Dylan Summerall Were the Cutest Couple Ever

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10 Times Brec Bassinger and Dylan Summerall Were the Cutest Couple Ever

Brec Bassinger (Stargirl) and Dylan Summerall (Black-ish) recently celebrated their three-year-anniversary, and they’re still just as adorable as they were when they began dating! Let’s take a look back at 10 of their cutest throwback moments from the first year they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

1. Remember when they went freakin’ BUNGEE JUMPING together?! I mean…the couple that jumps off of a bridge tied to ropes together, stays together.

2. When they celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together by sharing a milkshake and literally looked like a scene from our favorite rom-com:

3. When they went on an EPIC Hawaiian vacation together. We’re only a little jealous.

4. Brec and Dylan were already official BF/GF when this photo was taken, but he wanted to OFFICIALLY ask her to be his girlfriend. If that’s not perfect enough, please note the Oreos and candy he made into hearts on the floor:

5. When they had a total slumber party-themed date complete with face masks, pizza, and binge watching American Horror Story because THAT is a what a perfect date really is.

6. MATCHING SUPERHERO SWEATSHIRTS?! It’s almost like these costumes set a series of events into motion that ended up with Brec becoming an actual superhero…on television, of course!

7. We also think our interview with them about their relationship is pretty cute:

8. And their Boyfriend Tag video is pretty stinkin’ adorable, too:

9. For their one year anniversary, they flew up to the sky in a hot air balloon! So romantic! Also Brec & Dylan, can you please let us know if it was scary? It seems a little scary. BUT STILL BEYOND SWEET:

10. But the cutest display of affection (at least on social media), was this video Brec made for Dylan’s birthday. Just watch it and let yourself FEEL THE LOVE:

Thanks for teaching us how it’s done, Brec and Dylan. Congrats on three years together, and here’s to another 83!

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