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10 Times Jacob Sartorius Made Us Smile


10 Times Jacob Sartorius Made Us Smile

Jacob is always reminding fans how special they are.

Jacob Sartorius is one of our fave celebs to follow on social media. He’s always sharing parts of himself and inspiring his fans, especially on Twitter.

Here are 10 times he did just that!

1. When he wanted you to know that you matter.

2. When he reminded us to be healthy! LOL

3. When he showed us how humble he is:

4. When he took a stand against bullying.

5. When he reminded us that family comes first:

6. When he hit us with this iconic tweet:

7. When he was so right about us all finding someone amazing.

8. When he told us to stay positive and never give up:

9. When he reminded us that it’s what’s on the inside that counts:

10. And finally, when he told us that anything is possible:

For more inspo, watch our exclusive cover story with Jacob (can’t believe this was two years ago!)

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