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10 Times Sofia Carson Inspired Us On Social Media


10 Times Sofia Carson Inspired Us On Social Media

See why the “Descendants” star is an empowering icon.

2018 has already been a huge year for Sofia Carson. She landed a lead role in the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, she’s been working on Freeform’s show Famous In Love, and Disney Channel just announced that Descendants would be back for a third movie. Sofia might just be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, but when she’s not singing her heart out or walking the Oscars red carpet, she’s inspiring her fans and standing up for what she believes in. 

Here are 10 times Sofia inspired us to be our best selves: 

1. When she reminded us that love always trumps hate.

2. And that peace is the answer.

3. Her song “Back To Beautiful” is an empowerment anthem and in this moment an entire audience sang it back to her:

4. When she reminded her young female fans that they can do ANYTHING.

5. OK this one might just be funny, but like, we agree.

6. When Sofia reminded everyone how amazing it is to be a woman:

7. She uses her social media not only to promote herself, but to bring awareness to what’s right, like when she shared this news story:

8. YES!

9. Every time she tells her fans how important, special, and beautiful they are.

10. Lastly, when she shared her inspiring story with us for an exclusive cover shoot.

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