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10 Times Symon’s Style Was On Point


10 Times Symon’s Style Was On Point

Which of her looks is your favorite?

Symon’s single might be called “Say” but we think we could add an “L” in there and it might be more appropriate. The new singer is consistently slaying every time she posts a photo to her Instagram and we want to bring awareness to her amazing style. 

If you haven’t already checked out her song, check out the video below and then check out her 10 best looks.

1. These glasses with this pink fuzzy jacket is the perfect mix of sassy and sophisticated.

2. Her elegant blue dress is so cute and girly with those white nails.

3. This outfit is so cool that it’s pretty much ice cold. That’s why she needs the jacket.

4. The back of the jacket says it all. #KNOCKOUT

5. Knee high boots with a sweatshirt is such a current and trendy look and Symon pulls it off one hundred percent.

6. Her outfit at the Daya album release party was on point. That diamond choker?! EVERYTHING.

7. YES, girl! Rock those space buns!

8. Those shoes probably aren’t the best for school or going to work, but we still need a pair.

9. This casual look is our vibe every weekend.

10. But this Halloween fit is our favorite Symon look OF ALL TIME. Get it.

Tweet us @YSBnow and let us know which look is your favorite!

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