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10 Tweets That Prove Daniella Perkins Rules Twitter


10 Tweets That Prove Daniella Perkins Rules Twitter

From her motivational posts to witty one-liners, the star always gets our RT.

If you’re not following Daniella Perkins on Twitter, you’re seriously missing out on some gems for your newsfeed. The Nickelodeon “Knight Squad” actress is queen of sharing relatable moments, funny observation, poignant quotes, and seriously inspirational messages. AKA, she’s constantly delivering A+ social media content that can’t be missed.

Below, we’re rounding up some of our all-time favorites from the star that are totally worthy of your retweets!

1. Daniella knows all about keeping it real, and this tweet is full of incredible advice.

2. All we can say to this one? YES, girl!

3. She knows that a love of makeup can be a… very specific struggle.

4. Daniella is having such an important moment being a Nick princess – it warms our hearts!

5. Don’t you get so annoyed when you have an epic dream… and then promptly forget it all? #Relatable

6. Daniella’s behind-the-scenes set pics are NEXT. LEVEL.


8. A lot of viewers relate to Daniella’s acting roles… but she identifies with their stories so strongly too.

9. We all know that unplugging from social media and our phones can be tough, but Daniella had the greatest reaction to IRL interactions.

10. And finally, has there ever been a more relatable food tweet?

Want to get to know even more about Daniella? Be sure to catch up with YSBnow’s exclusive cover story video with the star below:

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