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12 Rock Bands Take On Your Fave Holiday Jams!


12 Rock Bands Take On Your Fave Holiday Jams!

Check out epic Christmas classics from The Summer Set, Simple Plan & more

By Shannon Roberts

Christmas movies are coming in clutch this month and so are the tunes. If you want to feel all of the cheer, punk rock is here to save the day! Your favorite bands have given you cheer every month in the year and they didn’t slack for Christmas. These tunes stray from the traditional lyrics and sound to make our inner rockers very happy. If you want to enjoy a not-so-silent night, decorate the tree or wrap presents while listening to these goodies!

1. If you’re obsessed with Christmas, you’re in luck, because so is Simple Plan!

2. The Summer Set are set on celebrating this sweater season:

3. New Found Glory’s got their Christmas priorities straight.

4. MCR’s Mariah Carey cover is so on point!

5. Jack Skellington doesn’t need a guitar to be punk rock.

6. All Time Low gets in on the holiday fun with “Fool’s Holiday”.

7. We wanna go “Dirt Sledding” with The Killers!

8. But why won’t blink-182 be home for Christmas?

9. A Day To Remember has all the metal we could wish for this season.

10. MCR makes our list twice with this tune, which also has a seriously special message:

11. We’ve got no “Issues” with this band’s take on the boy band classic:

12. Last but not least, Relient K’s got the 12 Days of Christmas covered!

What are your fave rockin’ holiday jams? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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