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13 Things You Didn’t Know About “Descendants 2”


13 Things You Didn’t Know About “Descendants 2”

The most surprising things you may not know about the highly-anticipated DCOM


1. This isn’t the first time China Anne McClain & Cameron Boyce have shared the screen! The pair starred in both “Grown Ups” flicks.

2. If Fairy Godmother looks super familiar, that’s because she stars in all the Red Robin commercials. Mind. Blown.

3. The cast used a sea plane to film several scenes! So we can expect everything about the Isle and Uma’s oceanic adventures to be epic.

4. Dove and Sofia improvised a lot of their characters’ lines!

5. Sarah Jeffery will not reprise her role as “Audrey” – possibly due to scheduling conflicts with her NBC series, “Shades of Blue.”

6. Cameron Boyce DID dye his hair platinum blond for the role, but Carlos’ new hair makeover is also thanks to a wig.

7. The youngest member of the “Descendants” cast was Brenna D’Amico. She was 13 years old during filming. But for “D2,” then-13-year-old actress Anna Cathcart joined the squad.

8. This marks the second time that Booboo Stewart (Jay) has worked with his real-life girlfriend! Megan Trainer is a dancer in both “Descendants” films:

9. When you watch “Descendants 2,” chances are that Ursula’s voice will sound pretty familiar. That’s because it’s the legendary Whoopi Goldberg!

10. “Descendants” isn’t the first time Dianne Doan (Lonnie – daughter of Mulan) has starred in a fairytale project. She guest starred on an episode of “Once Upon a Time” in 2013.

11. Dude, who reprises its role in the sequel, is actually played a female dog named Paisley!

12. Sofia Carson says that one of her favorite characters in D2 is Dizzy, Drizella’s daughter (played by newcomer Anna Cathcart).

13. But Director Kenny Ortega says your favorite “D2” characters are going to be China McClain, Thomas Doherty, and Dylan Playfair’s characters Uma, Harry, and Gil!

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