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#13ThingsThursday: Rio Mangini Spills 13 Facts You Didn’t Know!


#13ThingsThursday: Rio Mangini Spills 13 Facts You Didn’t Know!

From the food he hates to fave things, we got the scoop!


1. I’m left handed

2. I’m a Libra

3. I’m probably the only teenager that doesn’t like staying up late

4. I have a lot of allergies

5. I don’t like fruit

6. I don’t like candy, except chocolate

7. I have 2 middle names (Vittorio and Ronaldo- after both my Grandfathers)

8. My favorite movie is “Raising Arizona”

9. I am Italian and Maori mixed

10. I think I have mild trypophobia (google it)

11. President John Tyler is my ancestor on my mom’s mom’s side.

12. My father, Mark Mangini won an Oscar!

13. I’m a classical pianist and performed at Carnegie Hall when I was 9. (maybe you know that?)

BONUS: If you already knew #13 – my favorite colors are purple and green 😉

Follow Rio’s adventures on Twitter & Instagram @riomangini!

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