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14 Fierce Females Who Fearlessly Took A Stand On Social Media


14 Fierce Females Who Fearlessly Took A Stand On Social Media

See how Rowan Blanchard, Demi Lovato & more of your faves bravely stood up for themselves

Social media can be hard enough for a regular person to handle, but celebrities really get it bad. Because for some reason, when people get famous, everyone forgets that they’re actual people – with the same feelings and insecurities we all have.  

Most of the time, celebs ignore the negative stuff and choose to focus on the positive, engaging with their devoted fans. But every once in a while, they’ve got to take a stand. Here are 14 times celebs responded to their haters and seriously slayed.

1. After receiving criticism for her body last summer, Selena Gomez slammed shamers with this Instagram photo captioned “I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove”

2. When Taylor Swift called out a magazine for a sloppy headline that not only insinuated she was pregnant, but also described the Grammy award-winning artist as “Calvin Harris’ rumored girlfriend”/”Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend”

3. When Zendaya shut down trolls who called her parents ugly:

4. After paparazzi caught her on the beach, Amy Schumer captioned this photo with, “I think I look strong and healthy and also like miss trunchbull from Matilda. Kisses!”

5. When Lorde shaded men who doubted her because of her age:

6. When Melissa McCarthy came face-to-face with a sexist critic who trashed her latest film:

7. When our Queen, Gabourey Sidibe, hit back at haters who dissed her Golden Globes dress with the most epic tweet of all time:

8. When Kesha responded to a body shamer on Instagram. “Thank God I’m in a place in my life where I feel empowered to address your nasty comments instead of letting them destroy me,” she wrote.

9. When Ariana Grande shut down this sexist commenter on Facebook:

10. When model Iskra Lawrence posted these incredible Instagram photos after being called a “fat cow.”

11. When Lauren Jauregui reminded trolls that she’s a real person, with real feelings:

12. When Demi Lovato penned this perfect tweet:

13. When Ariel Winter refused to apologize for not covering her breast reduction surgery scars:

14. When Rowan Blanchard called out a magazine that photoshopped her natural smile on its cover, tweeting, “Please never photoshop me again. If I can be happy with my flaws, then you should too.” Rowan, we gotta disagree – your smile is flawLESS.

Thanks to these iconic women for inspiring us to stay strong, fearless & always stand up for what’s right!

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