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14 Of JoJo Siwa’s Most Iconic Hair Bows


14 Of JoJo Siwa’s Most Iconic Hair Bows

We give them all a thumbs up!

Hey Siwanatorz!

Today, we’re going to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards and we can’t wait to catch up with JoJo! We’re also super excited to see what kind of bow she’ll be wearing! The dancer, singer, actress and YouTuber won over our hearts in season 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and we’ve been hooked on her spunk and positivity ever since. To get up for the KCS Awards *and* her Nickelodeon special, we’ve narrowed down 14 of the BEST hair bows she has ever worn. Believe us, this was no easy task!

1. This pink rhinestoned hair accessory is a Siwa classic.

2. This pretty pastel bow is perfect for summer!

3. This hot pink one never fails to complete any JoJo outfit.

4. This rainbow-tastic number makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

5. This blue bow perfectly accents the SpongeBob Squarepants vibe!

6. This metallic silver bow is super cool and futuristic.

7. This Santa-esque red bow totally captures the Christmas spirit.

8. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little green sequin. Are we right?

9. This light purple accessory is as sweet and cute as Ms. Siwa herself.

10. This shiny purple bow made JoJo’s iconic 2016 Teen Choice Award look unforgettable!

11. This classy white pearl one is oh-so elegant.

12. Stars for a star! Just like JoJo, this bow is beyond fun.

13. Sparkle, anyone? This is hair accessory goals. Enough said.

14. And, of course, we love this massive head-topper because bigger is always better!

See you later, JoJo!

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