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4 Reasons Why Fans Think That #Descendants3 is Happening!


4 Reasons Why Fans Think That #Descendants3 is Happening!

Could the long-awaited announcement be coming soon?

Y’ALL. For #Descendants3 fans, today’s been a DAY.

First things first, we’ve gotta give Tia, who runs the @Descendants2015 accounts on Twitter and Instagram, credit for this story and for being a #D3 super sleuth. Girl, you have a future in investigating and reporting and we humbly bow in your honor.

Now, let’s get to the scoop she uncovered with her stealthy social media skills. Here are four key reasons why the Descendants fandom (us included) is going crazy right now. 

1. It all started when Descendants 3 appeared on “What’s Filming,” a website that features what TV and film productions are coming to Vancouver:

As you can tell, it says production is scheduled to begin on May 16. And as die-hard fans know, Descendants 1 and 2 both filmed in Canada.

2. Late last night, Victor Boyce (Cameron’s dad, who, by the way, is one of the coolest dudes ever) posted this pic on Instagram, along with the sunglasses emoji and #D3!

This is not a drill!

3. See this pic?

China Anne McClain liked i!

4. And last week, Kenny Ortega was in Canada…


While Disney Channel is yet to make an official statement, we’re crossing our fingers pretty hard for an announcement. A very wise person once told us, “Never give up hope five minutes before the miracle!”

Stay tuned to for the latest updates, and be sure to follow Tia’s accounts on Twitter and Instagram!

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