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5 Reasons You Should See “School of Rock – The Musical” on Broadway


5 Reasons You Should See “School of Rock – The Musical” on Broadway

Check out our review of the show!


You’ve heard of School of Rock, right? It’s that iconic movie starring Jack Black and Miranda Cosgrove from 2003 and also a fab Nickelodeon television series with Breanna Yde and Ricardo Hurtado. But did you know that there’s also a School of Rock – The Musical on Broadway?! If you aren’t familiar, we’re here to enlighten you.

#TeamYSBnow was lucky enough to see the show on April 9, 2018 at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, and we want to tell you all about it! Let’s break this review down into five parts: the music, the soundtrack, the performances, the story and the message.

Ready to rock? Here’s why you and your family should totally go see School of Rock – The Musical in New York City or when it comes to a town near you on tour!

1. The live music 

The music of School of Rock – The Musical is special for many reasons, but particularly because the band is actually playing live. That means the instrument-playing charactersguitarist Zack, keyboardist Lawrence, drummer Freddy and bassist Katieare sincerely, truly playing the guitar, keyboard, drums and bass right before your eyes EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. 

It would have taken less effort for the cast to just act like they’re strumming the strings and hitting the keys, but they didn’t take the easy way out. On top of learning all their dialogue, lyrics and dance moves, they memorized their solos, rhythm sections, piano pieces and combinations too. They don’t pretend to be rockstars, they really are rockstars!

2. The soundtrack

In addition to the show having a top notch live band, it also has a fun, catchy and beautifully written soundtrack. No matter the music mood you’re in, there are songs to get you swaying, head banging or even crying! While there’s no doubt you’ll leave the theatre with “School of Rock (Teacher’s Pet),” “Stick It to The Man” and “You’re In The Band” stuck in your head, there’s also a good chance you’ll shed a tear during “If Only You Would Listen.” 

Want to hear some of the music before buying a ticket? Check out the cast album or this awesome Tony Awards performance

3. The performances

If you still aren’t convinced, another thing to love about School of Rock – The Musical is that it stars kids just like you! They may be young, but their talent is surely on a grown up level.

At our performance, Zachary Zwelling (Zack) and Levi Buksbazen (Freddy) were beyond impressive on their instruments. They made us want to learn how to play guitar and drums! Montgomery Lamb (Katie) and John Allyn (Billy) had us cracking up with her adorable pout and his hilarious one-liners. Ava Briglia did such a great job playing Summerwe’d love to see either of them be president someday! Majorly cool Jim Kaplan (Lawrence) and gorgeous Gabrielle Greene (Tomika) tugged on our heart strings, to say the least. Gabrielle’s voice gave us some serious goosebumps! Everybody elseSarah Walsh (Marcy), Iggy Rosado (Mason), Cory Logan (James), Madalen Yarbrough Mills (Sophie) and Katie Greendorferwas amazing too, and we’re sure the cast will be just as spectacular at the show you see!

4. The story 

Just like the film that came before it, School of Rock – The Musical is about a wannabe rockstar who poses as a substitute teacher at a preparatory school where the students and teachers are very sophisticated and uptight. He turns his class of nerds and keeners into a hardcore rock band and, along the way, helps them gain confidence and the courage to stand up to their neglectful parents. The kids learn to be true to who they are and, by the end of the show, you just might learn something about yourself too! 

It’s fast-paced, silly and cheeky. We recommend School of Rock – The Musical to viewers of all ages!

5. The message

School of Rock – The Musical is all about empowering young people and we LOVE that. Today, on stage and off, we’re seeing children and teenagers stand up for what’s right and make the world a better place. Sometimes, like the musical demonstrates, adults don’t listen to kids when they should. Being young doesn’t mean your opinions and feelings aren’t valid or valuable, and this show is a great reminder of that for the grown ups who might have forgotten. 

Seeing School of Rock – The Musical is a super fun experience, but it’s also a thought provoking one that can lead to important and impactful chats with the family. 

All in all, we had a great time at the show and think you will too! Before you go, take our quiz to find out which School of Rock – The Musical band member you’re most like. Share your results with us @YSBnow on social media!

BRB gotta go listen to “Stick It to The Man” on repeat…

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