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6 Max Schneider Videos We Can’t Stop Replaying


6 Max Schneider Videos We Can’t Stop Replaying

In honor of the future Grammy winner’s 25th birthday, we’re turnin’ ’em up extra loud today!

MAX is celebrating a big milestone today: the singer officially turned 25 years old! It seems like just yesterday the talented artist was a Nickelodeon child actor, (remember when he was on How To Rock?!) but now he has a hugely impressive music career to his name. If we’re being quite honest with you, his covers and original songs make up a huge chunk of our playlist. So to celebrate his exciting occasion, we’re rounding up six of our favorite music videos from his popular YouTube channel, that we’re totally guilty of wearing out the replay button on!

1. Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen) – This song is always stuck in our heads, and the choreography in the accompanying video is insane!

2. Colors Of The Wind (From Disney’s “Pocahontas”) – Disney songs are already iconic, but MAX’s cover is hauntingly beautiful. Just try not to sing along.

3. Wrong (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) – This track. The 3D effects in the video. Genius combination.

4. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (MAX Cover) – If you’re going to cover a legend like Michael Jackson, you have to do it justice. And this stripped-down video does a great job.

5. Lights Down Low feat. gnash – This is such a beautiful lyrical song, and we loved seeing another one of our faves, Andrea Russett, in the video.

6. “Blank Space” – Taylor Swift (MAX cover) – After watching MAX tackle a T-Swift cover with his ukulele, we need the two stars to collab. How has it not happened already?

And as if those vids weren’t powerful enough, see what Max has to say about handling social media pressure below! Happy birthday, Max!

story by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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