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7 Reasons Why We’re So Excited For “Zoe Valentine”


7 Reasons Why We’re So Excited For “Zoe Valentine”

Anna Cathcart stars in the upcoming Brat series

The “Zoe Valentine” trailer dropped this week and it looks amazing:


Here are 7 reasons why we can’t wait to see it!

1) The series centers around sibling loss, a theme that often goes unexplored in teen shows. Anna’s character, Zoe, is reeling from the death of her older sister:

2) It will also drive home the importance of family, showing the Valentines coming together to stay strong after tragedy:

3) Speaking of magic, looks like we’ll get to see Anna’s character perform some cool tricks!

4) “Zoe Valentine” also stars two familiar faces from Nickelodeon: The Thundermans’ Diego Velazquez-

5) And Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’s Mace Colonel:

6) Based on this clip, we may get to see Anna sing!

7) And last, but certainly not least, we can’t wait to see Anna onscreen again because she’s one of the coolest, funniest, and sweetest people we know!

Congrats to the “Zoe Valentine” cast and crew. Don’t miss the first episode, January 16, only on Brat!

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