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8 Things We Learned From Camila’s Billboard Cover Story


8 Things We Learned From Camila’s Billboard Cover Story

From her parents’ first jobs in America to the friends who “get” her, the former 5H member gets deeply personal

Earlier today, Billboard unveiled their newest cover star: Camila Cabello! Here’s what we found out.


1. She’s got a collab with Major Lazer on the way. Yep, the same production team behind earworms like “Light It Up” & JB’s “Cold Water.”

2. Her pal Shawn Mendes says that Camila’s songwritings skills are legit. “I barely had to speak and she knew exactly what I meant,” he spilled.

3. She acknowledges that 5H was at their peak when she left the group.

4. As of the interview, she hadn’t been in touch with Ally, Dinah Jane, Normani or Lauren.

5. When her parents first arrived in the US, Camila’s mom worked at Marshalls, while her dad found a job at a car wash.

6. She’s tight with Troye Sivan (now that’s a collab we’d love to hear)

7. She loves “La La Land.” Camila explains, “It made me feel like I could meet anybody anywhere.”

8. Her childhood in Cuba helps keep things in perspective. “In Cuba, people are literally making rafts out of tires and sticks, throwing themselves into the ocean to find opportunity,” she says.

Head over to to see the entire story – and check out some stunning photos of Camila.

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