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9 Celebs Who Love Pancakes As Much As You Do


9 Celebs Who Love Pancakes As Much As You Do

Happy #NationalPancakeDay!


Pancakes are simply perfect. While today may be #NationalPancakeDay, here are 9 celebs who celebrate their love of pancakes all year long!

1. On “Austin & Ally,” Ross’ character LOVES pancakes:

And he’s all about the soft & syrupy goodness IRL, too. One of his fave LA eateries is The Griddle, which specializes in, you guessed it – pancakes! We’d love a bite of these ones, made by someone in the #R5Family!

2-5. The Little Mix gals aren’t just amazing singers; they’re expert pancake makers!

6. Jack Gilinsky could eat pancakes “All Weekend Long.” He posted this pic to Instagram, along with the caption, “honestly, there’s nothing better.”

7. Zoella LOVES finding the best pancakes in the world, and has even shared her fave recipes:

8. Madison Pettis is all about breakfast, especially pancakes!

9. Selena Gomez is pretty much powered by pancakes!

Her first spotting out with Justin Bieber was at IHOP, over a plate of pancakes, and she’s totally cool with sharing her syrup:

How do you like your pancakes? Leave a comment or tweet us @ysbnow!

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