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9 Reasons Why Jack Johnson Is Our Ultimate #MCM


9 Reasons Why Jack Johnson Is Our Ultimate #MCM

We’re rounding up 9 of the 9 million things we love about the Nebraska native

It’s hard to believe that Jack Johnson is only 20 years old. He’s wise beyond his years, a prolific lyricist, an incredibly talented musician, and despite his rapid rise to fame, J remains completely humble and chill about his success. Here’s 9 reasons why Johnson would be the perfect boyfriend. 

1. He gets life:

2. He’s hilarious:

3. He’s relatable:

4. He loves his fans more than anything. Remember that time he got super sick, but instead of cancelling the meet and greet, he wore this?!

5. Okay, he might love puppies (like YSBnow’s mascot, Punky!) just as much:

6. He stands up for what he believes in:

7. He’s got bars:

8. He’s an amazing musician:

9. He’s always inspiring us:

Below, watch Jack & Jack tell us about the importance of staying true to yourself backstage in Philadelphia.

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