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9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lilly Aspell


9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lilly Aspell

Get to know baby Wonder Woman!

Lilly Aspell may be young, but she already has all the makings of a real life superhero!

If you haven’t gotten to watch Wonder Woman yet, the 9-year-old totally steals the screen playing Diana – the film’s leading lady – as a child in flashback scenes. Because we’re sure this little heroine has a massively bright future ahead of her, we thought we’d help you all get to know her now. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Ms. Aspell!

1. Lilly is Scottish. She listened closely as Gal Gadot (grown up Diana) filmed so she could master the character’s accent.

2. Lilly is very athletic! She does a lot of running and is a champion horseback rider.

3. Her personal pony’s name is Turbo. The horse she rode in “Wonder Woman” is called Vendeval.

4. Naturally, her favorite “Wonder Woman” scene to shoot was the one where she rides a gray stallion through a yellow field.

5. She’s a fan of the movie “National Velvet” and would love to star in a remake of it.

6. She also loves to sing and dance.

7. She looks EXACTLY like a mini version of her costar Gal Gadot. “Incredible casting,” indeed!

8. She’s currently in Serbia filming another movie.

9. She felt very natural playing a young Wonder Woman because she feels Diana is similar to her. “It was really relaxed and the character from the script was very like me,” she says. “I loved it!”

Keep up the great work, Lilly!

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