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Ally Brooke Is Writing Her Own Book


Ally Brooke Is Writing Her Own Book

“This book is another dream of mine come to life,” the singer says.

Major congratulations are in order for Ally Brooke: the singer is currently hard at work on her first-ever book! The singer is writing a tell-all story titled “Finding Your Harmony,” where she is opening up about big moments from her life and career, plus sharing some of the wisdom she has learned along the way.

“Guys, I’ve always wanted to write my story and ultimately help others through it,” Ally shared in a statement on Twitter. “I have been through so much, and at times I thought it would never get better, but through faith, family, you, amazing friends, music, and love, I am at a place in life where I finally am truly happy, and living out some of my biggest dreams.”

“This book is another dream of mine come to life, and I can finally share with u,” she added. “I’ve been working on this in private for a very long time. I have so much to tell.”

Ally’s book “Finding Your Harmony” is due out in April 2019. What an amazing accomplishment!

You can actually pre-order your copy of the book through Harper Collins already.

But Ally is still hard at work editing the pages for us all!

We can’t wait to see the finished product — and we know it will be amazing!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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