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Alyson Stoner Covered Lorde…In The Bathtub!


Alyson Stoner Covered Lorde…In The Bathtub!

The triple-threat superstar’s YouTube video series is super creative.

Alyson Stoner is the definition of a triple threat. Since she was a kid, she’s been singing, dancing, and acting on TV and in movies, but now she’s doing something we’ve never seen before…from anyone! 

Alyson turned her bathtub into the set of her YouTube videos and she’s turned a simple every-day household spot into a full on studio! Alyson has recorded covers of songs by artists like Lorde, Selena Gomez, and Ed Sheeran in that tub!

Check out our favorite of Alyson’s bathtub sessions:

What do you think of Alyson’s DIY setup?!

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