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Before They Were Stars: The Andi Mack Cast


Before They Were Stars: The Andi Mack Cast

These pics of the cast as kiddos are a MUST-see!

If you’re as obsessed with Andi Mack on Disney Channel as we are, then you pretty much can’t get enough of this cast. There’s something really special about this show and all of the amazing people that make it what it is, and we can’t thank them enough for giving us one of our fave shows week after week. 

Since the show is currently on hiatus from airing new episodes and we know the struggle of trying to find content to hold the fandom over until we get our fave show back, we’re giving you your daily dose of Andi Mack with these adorable throwback pictures! Check out our faves before they were Disney Channel stars:

1. Sofia Wylie (Buffy)

2. Asher Angel (Jonah)

3. Josha Rush (Cyrus)

4. Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi)

5. Darius Marcell (Walker)

6. Emily Skinner (Amber)

7. Luke Mullen (TJ)

Which pic did you love the most? Let us know on Instagram!

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