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Bella Thorne Explains Why She Ended A Relationship Immediately


Bella Thorne Explains Why She Ended A Relationship Immediately

The “Famous In Love” star has an important deal breaker.

Bella Thorne is always one hundred percent honest with her fans and followers, and that’s why her relationship with them is so strong. Her fans know that Bella is there for them as much as they’re there for her and she’s a role model to them, so she’s not going to get into any secret relationships or lie about what she’s up to. So when a guy Bella was almost dating told her he wasn’t into social media and didn’t want to go public, she ended things right there. Bella told the whole story on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast with Joshua Horowitz

“I’ve had somebody that I almost started dating that was like, “Yo, no, I don’t like the whole social media thing.” And I literally was like, “You should just hang up right now. Like, we should get off FaceTime.” And he was like “Why?” And I was like like, “Because this is never going to work.” Like, I am super out there, I’m super honest, and, like, as soon as I walk out of my house, boom, paparazzi.”

Bella’s honesty is what makes her such an amazing idol for her fans and her story brings up a larger point. The guy she’s talking about only wanted to hang out with Bella when it was a secret and most of the time, there’s not a good reason for that. Being in a relationship, especially at a young age, is tricky, and adding secrecy to it isn’t going to help keep it strong. 

Bella continues, “We’re not going to never leave my house because we can’t get, like, a photo and we’re trying to keep things on the DL. I’m not a DL, I’m like, way high-key, and if you don’t want to be high-key then just don’t even talk to me.”

We admire Bella knowing herself and knowing what is and isn’t going to work for her in a relationship. You go, girl!


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