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BFFriday: AJ and Chloe Lukasiak Are Our Pick This Week


BFFriday: AJ and Chloe Lukasiak Are Our Pick This Week

It all started with a music video.

Our BFFriday picks this week might have only known each other for a while, but we’re super excited about their adorable friendship. It all started with the music video above for AJ’s song, “Tongue” which just happens to star Chloe. 

Both AJ and Chloe are represented by the same team so they’ve been at a lot of the same events in the last year, but when Chloe starred in AJ’s music video, these two became fast friends. 

We know that they might not be the oldest of friends, but they sure are our favorites of the moment and we think you’ll agree when you see our exclusive interviews of these two talking about each other!


They totally seem like one in the same and since the video came out, they’ve been hanging a lot!

They both loved supporting Ford in the Breast Cancer Awareness Car before hitting the carpet for their release party.

Chloe looked so thrilled to see the final version of the music video with her other co-star Twan!

AJ also recognizes that Chloe and her sister Clara are the world’s greatest sister duo.

We really hope these two work together on another project soon, but in the meantime you can watch our exclusive interview with AJ below about his friendship with Chloe.

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