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BFFriday: Dove Cameron and Colton Tran Have Each Other’s Backs


BFFriday: Dove Cameron and Colton Tran Have Each Other’s Backs

4 years and counting!

This week’s BFFs are two of our favorites. Obviously you guys know the insanely talented Dove Cameron from Liv & Maddie, Descendants, Hairspray Live! and more. Her BFF Colton Tran worked alongside her in the TV movie Cloud 9 and now the two are pretty much inseparable. Colton is a talented actor, but he also flexes his creative muscle behind the camera. He directed all of the videos for the Girl and the Dreamcatcher!

This year Dove celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with Colton at a “semi-secret restaurant” and she looks so happy!

Because duh – who else would she celebrate her birthday with?!

Colton shared the cutest video of Dove in Vegas on their trip.

They can literally have full conversations with random emojis…

They’re pretty much always in communication.

They have an inside joke that is clearly about being in “a constant state of yikes”

Friends that thrift together, stay together.

Or maybe the saying is “Friends that eat breakfast burritos together, stay together”

Colton was there to support Dove in her Hairspray Live rehearsal!

And back in 2015 he was there to support her for the premiere of the first “Descendants” movie!

They glammed up for Jess Marie Garcia’s birthday party and struck a pose on the carpet.

Ahhh look how young they are here!

Colton’s birthday party was vampire-themed so Dove dressed up for the occasion. Everyone looked amazing.

She captioned the pic, “happy birthday to my best friend of 4 years, prince of darkness & prince of my heart. thank you for holding my hand through so many, many, manyyy **lol** levels of our life together.”

And on New Years Eve this year, they shared a FRIENDLY and PLATONIC kiss. Just because it was on the lips doesn’t mean that they’re dating! We love these two and hope to see them work together again soon!

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