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BFFriday: Harvey Guillen and Colleen Ballinger Are Hilarious BFFs


BFFriday: Harvey Guillen and Colleen Ballinger Are Hilarious BFFs

See their adorable videos from 2012!

You know Colleen Ballinger from her YouTube channel turned TV show as Miranda Sings and if you watched the show, you’ll also her recognize her BFF Harvey Guillen. You’ll also know Harvey from his MANY roles on shows like Eye Candy, The Thundermans, or from behind the scenes of the upcoming movie Status Update just to name a few of his credits.


If you follow either of them on social media, you’ll also know that they’re BFFs. Harvey and Colleen have been friends for years and here are just some of the reasons we think they’re BFF goals: 

1. They share special moments together like seeing the first Haters Back Off billboard or big premieres:

2. This video from 2012 of them hanging out in one of Colleen’s vlogs is priceless:

3. Harvey gave Miranda a Spanish lesson back in 2012:

4. Now in 2016, Miranda and Harvey reunited:

5. They’re still as funny as ever:

6. They cook for each other…can you say best best friend EVER?

7. They get poutine at night and have deep talks AKA the best thing about sleepovers with your BFF

8. Just this.

9. Their fans call them Harveen as a BFF ship name and we can’t get enough

10. Finally, they have each others’ backs no matter what. When Colleen wanted Harvey to be in her show, he was super excited but almost didn’t get the part. Find out how Colleen made it happen in our EXCLUSIVE video:

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