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BFFriday: Luna Blaise and Jacob Sartorius


BFFriday: Luna Blaise and Jacob Sartorius

Here’s why we love how Jacob and Luna!

This friendship has caused a lot of speculation over the past year, but we assure you that Jacob Sartorius and Luna Blaise are JUST BFFs. When Luna starred in Jacob’s “Sweatshirt” music video, rumors began to fly about the two being more than pals, but they’re definitely just BFF goals!

Here are some of the reasons we love them:

First of all, Luna killed it in Jacob’s music video!

Then Luna did this interview with On The Spot Eva about her friendship with Jacob!

Jacob even made sure to make sure fans knew that he and Luna are good FRIENDS! LOL!

Then when he needed to take someone on tour with him, Jacob brought Luna!

She obviously killed it!

These two are so supportive of each other!

When Jacob released his new song, Luna tweeted this:

There’s so much more to come for both Luna and Jacob. Maybe one day even a collab?!

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