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#BFFriday: Raini Rodriguez & Ashley Argota


#BFFriday: Raini Rodriguez & Ashley Argota

This dynamic duo has been best friends since 2010!

Last week, Raini Rodriguez posted the sweetest birthday tribute to her best friend, Ashley Argota, on Instagram. She wrote:

Happy birthday to the most wonderful best friend ever, @ashleyargota9! Thank you for keeping me sane and letting me vent for hours, driving me everywhere while we laugh our heads off, celebrating my achievements with me, but also being the shoulder to cry on when life gets me down. You are everything a best friend is supposed to be, and more. Although we don’t see each other as often as we would like, our friendship has never once suffered because of it, we have only become closer. I love you so much and I hope 25 is the most magical year yet??????? Celebratory Taco Bell is in order ASAP ??

So sweet! Let’s take a look at how their friendship first started.

In 2010, Raini and Ashley were introduced to each other by a…dragon!?

Well, sort of. They met when they both attended the premiere of “How to Train Your Dragon.”

A few weeks later, Raini guest starred on Ashley’s Nickelodeon series, “True Jackson, VP.”

“We hung out on set and have been best friends ever since,” says Ashley.

After Ashley went off to attend college at NYU in New York City, they stayed in touch through texts and phone calls. Once, Ashley flew in and surprised Raini at an event!

We love that this pair has been so close for over 7 years, and we know they’ll still be super close when they’re 70!

“Be open and honest with one another,” says Ashley, when asked about her advice for making (and keeping) amazing friendships.

“Don’t keep secrets; secrets aren’t a good foundation for any type of relationship. Also, give & take – don’t always expect people to do things for you, you have to be able to do things for them, too!”

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