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BFFriday: “The Commute” Stars Claudia Sulewski and Steffan Argus


BFFriday: “The Commute” Stars Claudia Sulewski and Steffan Argus

We’re counting down the days until season two!

Ever since these two got together to film The Commute Series, they’ve been BFFs. In fact, they became BFFs so quickly that it was definitely meant to be.

Now they’re in production for season two of their show and the bond is as strong as ever.

Whether they’re shooting a serious scene or playing on a slide, these two are the real deal when it comes to BFFs.

If you haven’t already seen their adorable series, The Commute, watch it now so you understand how cute these BFFs really are!

Not only was the show amazing, it created a life long friendship for these two!

Most TV couples have chemistry on set, but these two were on another level…probably because they’re BFFs!

They have so many mutual friends that it’s super easy for them to hang all the time..

On AND off set!

They even took a trip to Chicago (where they’re both from) for Lollapalooza together! Talk about friendship goals!

Friends that wax their legs together…..stay together?

They can joke around about kissing each other in a scene without it being weird. The ultimate test of true friendship!

Claudia even jokingly (we think?) changed her background to a pic of Steffan. Even if it was a joke, thats a really good photo for a phone background.

To get back at her for her joke, Steffan posted this hilarious video of Claudia!

So she made everyone she was with change their phone backgrounds…

And on Steffan’s birthday last year, Claudia shared the sweetest message!

We can’t wait for season two of The Commute!

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