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BREAKING: Get The Scoop on Jace and JoJo’s New Movie


BREAKING: Get The Scoop on Jace and JoJo’s New Movie

We’ve got the details!

We’re so excited to give you guys the details on this exciting new movie! Nickelodeon released an official statement earlier today about their latest movie in the works….starring Jace Norman and JoJo Siwa! 

You guys love Jace on Henry Danger and he totally slayed in Rufus and Rufus 2, now he’s back in action filming alongside JoJo! The movie is called Inside Voice and it’s currently filming in Vancouver, Canada. 

Inside Voice will be on your TV screens in 2018, but we’re pretty sure that we’ll be getting a ton of on-set content from the stars to hold us over while we wait! The official description from Nickelodeon says, “The live action comedy tells the story of a kid who, after a comical VR mishap, starts speaking every thought he has out loud.” Yikes! “To complicate matters, he happens to be running in the school election,” the statement adds. Wow! That sounds hilarious!

We can’t wait to see this movie and hear more about Jace and JoJo’s characters! In the meantime, check out JoJo’s exciting Insta post about it: 


She said, “Ahhhh I am so excited!!!! ???? I can finally tell you that I am in Canada ????filming my first movie !!!! ??????It’s called “Inside Voice” ! ?? I Can’t wait to show you all some behind the scenes pictures on my Instagram stories!!!”

Check out our latest interview with JoJo at Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Premiere here:

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