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BREAKING: Josh Levi Departs Citizen Four


BREAKING: Josh Levi Departs Citizen Four

See what’s next for the group

When we first met Citizen Four last summer, we fell in love with the band’s amazing music and awesome personalities. But moments ago, Carson, Conner, and Austin announced that Josh has decided to leave the group in order to re-start his career as a solo artist.

They wrote via Instagram:

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Alright then. Well the bad news is that we’re very very sad to announce that Josh is leaving Citizen Four. There’s no drama – we all remain good friends. We love Josh and wish him the absolute best for his next chapter. We’ve had a fun 12 months together and we will miss him, a lot!!

It’s clear that it wasn’t a messy breakup, and there’s no hard feelings between the former band mates.

Josh tweeted:

Aww! But there’s even more news – Austin, Carson, and Conner will be announcing C4’s brand new member less than two hours!

“Don’t be too sad for too long, as for every door that closes a new one opens,” the guys explained. “We will be announcing and introducing our new band member TODAY at 4.30pm on Instagram Live Stream and also on Facebook Live Stream.”

We can’t wait to meet C4’s new member! And we’ll be on the scene at their concert in Hollywood tonight bringing you pics and vids on social media, so stay tuned!

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