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BREAKING: So *Here’s* Why Landry Bender is in NOLA!


BREAKING: So *Here’s* Why Landry Bender is in NOLA!

The actress just scored a seriously awesome new role

Let’s be real: Landry Bender has always been #LifeGoals. She’s smart, kind, funny, philanthropic – and she also happens to be an incredibly talented actress. Most recently, Landry stole the show as Gia in Netflix’s Fuller House

A few days ago, Landry posted this photo from New Orleans, and we figured she was probably on a vacation with her awesome family:

But today, we learned that Landry is there because she’s scored the role of Sara in the highly-anticipated Hulu limited series, “Looking for Alaska.”

The series is based on John Green’s best-selling novel, which takes place at a boarding school that’s reeling from the death of a student.

“It’s actually wild how much [John Green] has impacted my life,” says Landry. “The care and thought going into this series is seriously unmatched and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.” Congrats, Landry, we’re sure they’re grateful for you, too!

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