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Celebrate National Puppy Day With Your Favorite Stars and Their Pups!


Celebrate National Puppy Day With Your Favorite Stars and Their Pups!

Plus which superstar is taking his dog on tour with him?!

At YSBnow, we take puppies very seriously. So today being National Puppy Day is pretty much one of the most important holidays of the year at YSBnow HQ. 

To celebrate, we’re rounding up photos of the cutest pups with our favorite stars. Check them out below!

Why does it seem like Carson Lueders is always with a new adorable pup?

Maybe because he IS always with a new adorable pup!

Uh hey Carson, where are you getting all of these puppies?

Peyton List is always bringing awareness to animal shelters and we love her for it.

Laura Marano loves to pose with YSBnow’s mascot, Punky!

Jacob Sartorius with this pup with the dog filter on is double-dog-adorable.

Bailee Madison had a four legged co-star for her movie, Holiday Joy!

Bentley Orlando is one of the cutest pups around…and he’s Johnny’s best friend! Johnny even told us EXCLUSIVELY that he’s taking Bentley on tour with him!

This video Ricky Garcia shared of this pup is all you need to turn any frown upside down.

Jace’s dog is almost the size of him!

Ashley Benson is obsessed with her pups!

As is her co-star Lucy Hale!

So to all of the adorable pups out there, today we celebrate you! Happy National puppy Day everyone!

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