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Could Sara Shepard’s New Book Be The Next PLL?


Could Sara Shepard’s New Book Be The Next PLL?

See how we’re filling the pretty little gap in our hearts.


For fans of the Sara Shepard book series turned hit Freeform show, Pretty Little Liars, April can’t seem to come quick enough. That’s when the first of the show’s final ten episodes will finally premiere, marking the beginning of the end of an era.


For the last 10 years, the Pretty Little Liars craze has left us all dying for answers to questions that never seem to end, starting in 2006, with the first book in the 16 book series. It was in 2010 that the book, Wanted, seemed to answer all of our questions – but in that same year 8 more books were ordered as was the TV show that has now run for 7 seasons. Now it seems that the PLL dynasty will officially wrap with the show’s finale, leaving a void in the lives of all of its devoted fans. 

Thankfully, as Pretty Little Liars comes to its close, Sara Shepard has released the first book in a new series that could fill the void left behind by PLL’s end. The Amateurs is the start of a promising teen mystery series that echoes some of the themes that made PLL so wildly successful. The book is told from the perspective of Seneca Frazier, a teen girl and avid member of a website called Case Not Closed. Seneca is hooked on true crime stories, and became interested after hearing about the disappearance of Helena Kelly, five years earlier. She gets invited to spend her spring break in Connecticut with her best friend from CNC, Maddy Wright, where the two delve into the mystery of Helena’s disappearance – but things start t go wrong. They can’t seem to get any help from Helena’s sister, Aerin, and Maddy isn’t anything like Seneca expected her to be. Soon Brett, another CNC super user joins them in town and Helena’s sister becomes a little more open. They know someone in town has to know something or that the police must have missed something, and they’re determined to find out what it is. But as they seem to get closer to the murderer, they begin to uncover hidden secrets and deep betrayals as they realize the killer is watching their every move & isn’t ready to let them expose the truth.


We haven’t even started the book and we already want to read more. The book is available starting this week in bookstores nationwide and is also available on Amazon. This will definitely help keep us busy until April! Are you going to read The Amateurs?


In the meantime, watch Shay Mitchell say goodbye to PLL in an emotional YouTube video.

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