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#CoupleAlert: Blariel Confirms They’re Together!


#CoupleAlert: Blariel Confirms They’re Together!

During a livestream on YouNow, Ariel opens up about their long rumored relationship

For the past couple of months, fans on social media have been seeing Baby Ariel and Blake Gray’s sweet tweets to each other and speculating that the pair was more than friends:

And as it turns out, they were right! Ariel confirmed “Blariel” earlier this week on YouNow. “Me and Blake are dating,” she revealed. “We started dating on November 10, so it’s [been] almost two months.”

Ariel also talked about why they kept things under wraps for a while. “A lot of you guys have been on Instagram or Twitter wondering about why we haven’t said anything right away,” she said, before explaining that relationships (especially in their earliest days) can be tough and face scrutiny under the social media spotlight. We’re really happy for them and wish them the best! 

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